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W.Va. Nutrient Management Certification Program

Nutrient management ensures that the correct amount of nutrients are applied to the land.

Annual Activity Report for West Virginia Certified Nutrient Management Planners

Above Report must be submitted no later than January 31, 2014.

A strong livestock and poultry industry is essential to West Virginia's economic stability, viability of rural communities and production of a healthy, high-quality food supply. West Virginia farmers rely upon various state and federal agencies as well as the private sector to provide education and technical assistance to both produce food and protect our natural resources and public health.

To help farmers efficiently manage manure, biosolids and chemical fertilizers to minimize water contamination and maximize financial returns, the West Virginia Department of Agriculture has developed a nutrient management certification program.



Information for Certification Applicants

Additional Requirements for CAFO NMP's to Receive Permit Approval

Application for Certification

Verification of Nutrient Management Experience

Information and Guidelines Regarding Continuing Education Requirements
for Certification Renewals

Continuing Education Approval Form

Continuing Education Sign-In Sheet

Certificate Renewal Notice

Information and Guidelines Regarding Continuing Education Appeal Process

Recommended List of Study References for Certified Nutrient Management Consultants

Annual Activity Report for West Virginia Certified Nutrient Management Planners


The West Virginia Department of Agriculture is announcing the opportunity for individuals to become certified nutrient management planners.  WVDA will be administering the nutrient management certification exam at two locations- Charleston and Morgantown, on Feb 7, 2014.  Nutrient
Management involves managing the amount, form, placement and timing of applications of plant nutrients including organic waste and commercial fertilizer. Nutrient management planning ensures the delivery of nutrients for optimum forage and crop yields, white minimizing entry of excess nutrients
to surface and groundwater
.  Individuals interested in taking the exam can apply by completing the
application found of the Department’s website at
www.wvagriculture.org/programs/Nutrient_Management/Application.pdf and returning
by January 31, 2014. Additional information and study materials
can be found at the Department’s nutrient management program website at www.wvagriculture.org/programs/Nutrient_Management/Introduction.htm
For more information on the exam, contact Jerry Ours,
WV Nutrient Management Program Coordinator at 304.538.2397.





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