Regulatory Programs

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The Regulatory & Environmental Affairs Division functions as a consumer protection and consumer service organization with the mission of enforcing laws, rules and regulations to protect the public food supply. By regulating certain industries (i.e., food, fertilizer, feed, lime, seed, etc.), the Division, through its trained regulatory officers, laboratory staff and product registration/compliance personnel, helps insure that consumers receive quality agricultural products.

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Water Quality Report

W.Va. Dept. of Agriculture
Regulatory and Environmental
Affairs Division

West Virginia's
Potomac Headwaters
Water Quality Report
July 1998 - June 2008
Water Quality Report
Water Quality Report        
Chesapeake Bay Program
A Watershed Partnership

Environmental Programs

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture's Environmental Program serves the citizens of West Virginia by encouraging the farm community to continue to produce food and fiber for global distribution while preserving the surrounding natural resources for the generations of the future. A strong program for maintaining high water and air quality standards is achieved through the efforts of trained environmental technicians, laboratory personnel and environmental specialists. Participation in mutual environmental projects with other state agencies, national programs, and producer associations results in the department maintaining an innovative role in agricultural conservation. (Go to Environmental Programs)