Regulatory Programs

Regulatory Programs

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Cama Coffman, Registration Specialist
304-558-2227, ext. 4020; Fax: 304-558-3594

April Wilcox, Tonnage and Registration Specialist
304-558-2227, ext. 4015; Fax: 304-558-3594

Mailing Address: 1900 Kanawha Blvd., East, Charleston, WV  25305

Shipping Address: 313 Gus R. Douglass Lane, Charleston, WV  25312

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Feed and Pet Food

Application to Register as a
Commercial Feed Manufacturer

Application to Register as a
Commercial Feed Distributor

Application for Registration of
Commercial Feeds

Application for Large Packaged
Pet Food Registration

Application for Specialty Pet Food Registration

Application for Small Package
(10#/Under) Pet Food Registration

Semi-Annual Commercial Feed Report


Application for Commercial
Fertilizer Registration

Application for Fertilizer
Formulator Permit

Application for Fertilizer
Storage Facility Permit

Monthly Fertilizer Tonnage Report

Quarterly Fertilizer Tonnage Report


Application to Register Agricultural
Liming Materials

Application to Register as a Agricultural Liming Materials Distributor

Semi-Annual Agricultural Liming
Materials Tonnage Report

Soil Amendments, Compost and Horticultural Growing Media

Application for Registration of Soil Amendments, Compost and Horticultural Growing Media


Request for Seed Stamps

Application for Registration as a Seedsman

Quarterly Seed Poundage Report

Seed Potato Distribution Report


Application for Egg Distributor
Certificate of Authorization

Small Egg Producers
Registration Form

Egg Inspection Quarterly Report

Dairy Distributors
and Milk

Application for Dairy
Distributors Permit

Application for Milk Testers License

Application for Milk Weighers and Samplers License

Application for Frozen Desserts Manufacturer Permit

Frozen Desserts and Imitation Frozen Desserts

  • Issue permits to manufacturers and distributors.
  • Inspect and collect samples at manufacturing facilities.
  • Inspect and collect samples at retail establishments.
  • Analyze samples for bacteria and butterfat to insure compliance.

Dairy Products and Imitation Dairy Products

  • Issue permits to manufacturers and distributors.
  • Inspect and collect samples at retail establishments.
  • Analyze samples for bacteria and butterfat to insure compliance.

Bulk Milk Trade

  • Issue permits to purchasers of bulk milk.
  • Issue licenses to laboratories, weighers, samplers and testers.
  • Conduct proficiency sample testing for each area of expertise.
  • Regulate the purchase of milk based on weight, measure or
    component pricing.
  • Inspect and issue permits to manufacture-grade milk farms.

Marketing of Eggs

  • Insure that distributors obtain certificates of authorization.
  • Inspect facilities and grade eggs where processed, distributed or sold.

Commercial Feed

  • Register feed brands and track tonnage.
  • Issue permits to feed manufacturers and distributors.
  • Inspect feed manufacturing facilities.
  • Collect samples from manufacturers and distributors for analyses.
  • Analyze samples for guaranteed protein, fat and fiber.


  • Register fertilizer brands and track tonnage.
  • Issue certificates of registration to fertilizer formulators.
  • Issue permits to fertilizer storage facilities.
  • Inspect fertilizer formulators and storage facilities.
  • Collect samples of commercial and custom fertilizers for analyses.
  • Analyze fertilizer samples for guaranteed nitrogen, phosphorus and potash.

Agricultural Liming Materials

  • Register lime brands and track tonnage.
  • Inspect and collect samples of lime from manufacturers or distributors.
  • Analyze lime samples for calcium carbonate equivalent, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and sieve size coformity. 

Agriculture and Forest Seeds

  • Issue certificates of registration to certified seedsmen.
  • Inspect and collect samples of seeds and seed potatoes.
  • Analyze seeds for germination and purity.


  • Analyze environmental samples for pesticide residues.

Pesticide Regulatory Programs Unit

Grant Bishop, Assistant Director
Amy L. Monday, Administrative Assistant

The mission of the Pesticide Regulatory Programs Unit is to regulate pesticides in the public interest. The unit operates under the authority of the West Virginia Pesticide Control Act of 1990 (Chapter 19, Article 16A of the Code of West Virginia). The unit participates in a formal agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and cooperates with the West Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection, and the West Virginia Division of Health and Human Resources in conducting monitoring activities, performing inspection activities and in conducting educational training for proper pesticide use.

Individual programs and their primary objectives follow:

Agricultural Health and Safety Program
, Agricultural Health and Safety Coordinator

  • Work with West Virginia University Extension Service, Marshall University, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, W.Va. Department of Labor, W.Va. Department of Health and Human Resources, Farm Bureau and other agencies, as appropriate, to provide health and safety assistance to the agricultural community.
  • Coordinate the West Virginia Ag Safety Days Program (provides safety training for machinery, equipment, personal protective equipment and Heartsaver AED First Aid).
  • Facilitate the West Virginia Agromedicine Program.
  • Conduct safety demonstrations for children's safety programs and camps.
  • Provide technical assistance with workplace safety issues and compliance.

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Product Registration Application

Examination Application

Business Exam Application

Exam Locations

Technician Application

Technician Training Program Requirements

Certificate of Insurance Form

Exam Locations

Termination Notice

Pesticide Control Act of 1990

Certified Applicator Rules

Licensing of Pesticide Businesses

IPM Programs in Schools and Child Care Centers

Aerial Application of Herbicides to Utility Row

Wood Destroying Insect Treatment Standards

Study Materials List

Guidelines for Pesticide Recertification Programs
Pesticide Regulatory

Certification/Compliance Assistance Program

Dr. Peggy K. Powell, Certification/Compliance Assistance Supervisor
Philip D. Smith, Compliance Assistance Specialist
Tamara Harpold, Certification & Training Assistant

  • License pesticide application businesses in the state.
  • Certify commercial applicators for pesticide usage.
  • Certify and record trained employees of commercial applicators as registered technicians.
  • Certify and maintain records on private applicators.
  • License firms as dealers of restricted-use pesticides.
  • Assist schools and day care centers in developing integrated pest management programs.
  • Provide training to school and day care center employees in integrated pest management techniques.
  • Develop and distribute educational materials on the proper use of pesticides and alternatives to pesticides in controlling pests.
  • Assist pesticides applicators with "hands on" training in new pest control strategies.
  • Assist businesses with training for certification of in-house pesticide applicators.
  • Schedule examinations for pesticide applicators.

Compliance/Enforcement Program
Chad E. Carpenter, Compliance Manager

  • Enforcement activities for Department hearings, court actions or license revocations.
  • Coordinate enforcement activities with EPA.
  • Coordinate compliance and enforcement activities.

Enforcement Section
, Regulatory Supervisor

Paul Bennett, Pesticide Regulatory Officer
Abraham Jordan, Pesticide Regulatory Officer
Lara Shockey, Pesticide Regulatory Officer
Jason Swain, Pesticide Regulatory Officer
William (Bill) Ragan, Jr, Pesticide Regulatory Officer

  • Conduct inspections of pesticide activities.
  • Collect samples to support inspections.
  • Initiate enforcement actions.

Laboratory Support
Melissa T. Buckley, Chemist I
Meruia F. C. Yu, Chemist III

  • Maintain a repository of sample standards.
  • Develop new methodology for analysis.
  • Analyze groundwater, residue and formulation samplesto support pesticide regulatory program inspection and monitoring activities.


Kathy S. Martin, Licensing Specialist

  • Answer questions about pesticide business and applicator licenses.
  • Process license applications and renewals.
  • Assist with Ag Safety Days and other safety programs.

Product Registration
Registration Specialist

  • Register pesticide products for use in the state.
  • Review applications for registration of emergency uses and special local needs.

Worker Protection Program
Patricia A. Sine, Office Assistant I

  • Support the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Worker Protection Standard (WPS) by providing a training specialist to assist with WPS training needs.
  • Provide WPS training materials to growers.
  • Provide safety training to the agricultural community.

Non-Traditional Agricultural Products

  • Inspect fish processing facilities based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HAACP) principles.
  • Train aquaculturists.

National Egg Regulatory Officials

Federal Programs

FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

  • Assist in food sampling surveys when requested.
  • Participate in COPE (Coordinated Operational Plan for Emergencies) agreement.
  • Share information on aquaculture inspections under a partnership agreement.
  • Perform Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) inspections under contract agreement.
  • Food Warehouse Sanitation Inspections.
  •  Inspect feed mills for compliance with the mammalian protein ban in ruminant feeds under a partnership agreement.

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

  • Perform shell egg surveillance inspections at grading plants, hatcheries and packers under contract agreement.
  • Conduct destination condition inspections of poultry products for the school lunch program.
  • Collect samples for the Summer Food Program in cooperation with the West Virginia Department of Education.

USDC (United States Department of Commerce)

  • A fee-for-service program offered to industry that allows lot inspections of fish products.

Herma Johnson, Director
Grant Bishop, Assistant Director
Josh Hardy, Assistant Director
Brenda Keavey, Assistant Director
Chad Linton, Assistant Director
Matt Monroe, Assistant Director

Phone: 304- 558-2208
Fax: 304-558-3594

Regulatory and Environmental Affairs Division
West Virginia Department of Agriculture
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, West Virginia 25305