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Brochues are free-of-charge to West Virginia Residents

Note to out-of-state residents: You may request up to ten brochures free of charge. There
is a 50 cent charge for each additional printed brochure that you request over 10 to help cover postage and paper costs.

However, the brochures are available in pdf and/or can be linked to a webpage which you can print -- free of charge.

For printed copies of a publication, click on the "How many copies?" box below the publication and select the number of copies.
For quantities greater than five, please enter the publications name and quantity at the bottom of this form.
Although efforts are made to keep an adequate inventory of all publications on hand, sometimes unforseen demands exhaust supplies. Therefore, an occasional item may be out of stock when your order is received.

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WVDA Livestock Marketing Handbook

Equine Management Handbook
(under revision)

2015 Equine Events

WV Sheep & Goat Directory

WV Equine Industry Directory


Starting a Home Vegetable Garden
How to Prune Young & Bearing Apple Trees
Beginning a Backyard Orchard

Pick-Your-Own Fruit & Vegetables Farms

  Growing Grapes in WV
Container Gardening
Beekeeping In West Virginia

Young Beekeeper's Coloring Book

Cooking with West Virginia Honey


Woody and
Nonwoody Plants:

Trees of WV Farms & Woodlots

Poisonous Plants

Edible Wild Plants

WV Mid-Summer Wild Flowers
(under revision)
  West Virginia Ferns
WV Spring Wild Flowers

Plants of West Virginia Waters

A General Guide to Houseplants
 Poison Ivy and Its Control

Grafting - An Introduction to the Art


Consumer Guides & Recipes:

What's Cookin' - '06, '07, '08

Shell Eggs...a consumer guide

What's Cookin' - '09, 2010, 2011

Successful Home Canning

  Versatile Vegetable Recipes

Safe Food Handling

Cooking with Cornmeal

Herbs, A Culinary Guide

Marvelous Meat Recipes

Apples, Consumer Guide with Recipes
Award-Winning Recipes

Cast-Iron Cookbook I

Old-Fashioned Cookbook

Cast-Iron Cookbook II

Foods & Things - WV Grown

Some Common Snakes in WV

Spiders in WV

Supermarket Savvy! How to Read Food Labels

Think All We Do is Farming

Moles and Their Control

 Useful Information for the Farm & Home

What You Should Know About Seeds

The Periodical Cicada in WV
Your Career Opportunities in Agriculture

Pond Management

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture
(This video explains how the WVDA works every day to provide you with safe food products. It is available for showing to groups of 25 or more.)
For quantities greater than five, please enter the publications name and
how many.



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